Why Client Gifts Should be Your Next Marketing Move: (3) ways gifting can help grow your business

Are you thinking about adding client gifts to your business marketing strategy? Maybe you want to boost client referrals, increase sales, solidify client retention, or simply build and nurture relationships within your business. Perhaps you want to set yourself apart from other businesses in your industry and deliver a premium client experience. Utilizing client gifts as a marketing strategy in your business can help you to achieve these goals.

There are a lot of things that you do not NEED for your business. A lot of things that we want in our business can be considered a “nice to have.” I’m not here to tell you that you NEED client gifting for your business. I’m here to tell you about leveling up what you likely already have: a marketing strategy. Sending client gifts is an investment in your marketing strategy first and foremost. This investment can be budgeted and built into your existing marketing and advertising strategy and be aligned with your overall business goals to create a powerful impact on your clients and your business.

It sets you apart.

One of the ways that client gifts can positively impact the growth of your business is that it automatically sets you apart from other businesses in your industry. You don’t just plan weddings. You don’t just sell houses. You don’t just take pictures. You deliver an exemplary service, nay, an experience. If client experience is a big part of your “why” and your goals for your business then client gifts fit neatly into those goals.

It makes you memorable.

Not only are you providing an incredible experience and service for your clients but you are also leaving a huge impression. You are cultivating this moment, this experience, that is absolutely memorable. When your clients are talking about buying a house, securing a mortgage, shopping for insurance, planning their wedding, scheduling maternity photos, it is going to be YOU that they have at the top of their mind. They will easily remember the surprise and delight they felt when they worked with you because you gave them something that they loved, used, and kept. 

It connects you.

Gifting in and of itself is a way for us to connect and appreciate others. By sharing with your clients a beautifully branded client gift you are actually sharing a piece of who you are. Your client gifts are not some generic gift or generic gift basket that auto sends from a big box company. A branded client gift is something special that came from you, your brand, and your thought process. Gifts can connect you to your clients in ways that you may not have connected before and impacts the most important feature of your business: relationships.  

Ready to add client gifts to YOUR marketing strategy? Submit an inquiry and let’s work together to design something beautiful!

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