Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The gift giving candy holiday we wish we could write off and yet want to secretly celebrate anyway. It feels like we just finished taking down Christmas and exhausted all our best gift ideas during the holiday season and now bam - Valentine’s Day. If you have a significant other you are likely in the market for any kind of gift idea or experience so that you’re not showing up empty handed on February 14 while everyone around you is getting chocolate, flowers, and bougie fruit bouquets. Fear not, I am shifting my usual perspective of disdain for Valentine’s Day to bring you a Valentine’s Day Gift guide that is easy, adorable, and delightful. I may have a relatively moderate dislike of Valentine’s Day but I still like to give and receive a little something anyway.

So, in changing my heart from disdain to delight in regards to Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about why it is actually the perfect opportunity to brighten someone’s spirits. Valentine’s Day falls in the peak of the winter months in a large portion of the United States and by February 14 we are all feeling the winter fatigue. It is cold, snowy or rainy, and we’re all a bit bitter from the lack of sunshine and vitamin D. Oh, and don’t forget the global pandemic. 

When you think about it, Valentine’s Day is the PERFECT opportunity to do something special, show some appreciation, and spread a little warmth and happiness with someone you care about. I rounded up a list of things that would bring me joy in a rather bleak post-holiday season that you can share with your Valentine or Galentine this February. These are things that stray from the traditional and commercial “pink bears and chocolate” that we’re familiar with. I broke it down into two categories because what might be a great gift idea for HER is not always a great gift idea for HIM. If you're looking to take the guess work out completely be sure to browse our 2021 Valentine's Day Collection!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HIM

  • Booze Treats & Accessories

    • Does your man have a go-to drink or signature cocktail? Browse booze-inspired treats such as cocktail sugar cubes, mixes, candies, and cookies to bring that flavor in new ways! Complement your choice with specialty bar accessories like a luxury corkscrew or gold-plated jigger (so he’s not dipping into your measuring cups to measure drinks...Dave). If you’re looking to personalize, consider a new drinking vessel!
  • Drinking Vessels

    • If you’re going the cocktail route then the next logical suggestion is of course drinkware. A new favorite rocks glass or pint is personal, thoughtful, and practical. You can find really beautiful leather wrapped and engraved flasks from small makers as well. If practical is the name of the game you could also consider a new water bottle and coffee mug!
  • Treats & Snacks

  • Grilling/Outdoors

    • Another nod to men who enjoy cooking (or smoking meat, grilling, or frying) is grill and cooking accessories. You can get personalized grill accessories with their names or favorite sports teams (we have Mets grillware). Another great add-on for the foodie is artisan rubs, salts, and sauces to enhance their favorite dish!
  • Man Care

    • Some men want a little self care too! Mine would never but some would love to tag along for a pedicure and spa day. You can create a fun couples spa day at home with charcoal face masks and manlier candles. Nothing freshens up a man cave like a warm spiced candle. Another great idea is a personalized leather toiletry bag, perfect for storing all their clutter in the bathroom and travel!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for HER

  • Sweets & Chocolate

    • Steer clear of the mystery chocolate boxes at the grocery store this year and go for the high-end, small-batch artisan chocolate this Valentine’s Day. Choose from a variety of flavors you know she will absolutely love like espresso, peanut butter, strawberry, or spice! You can have a Reese’s ALL YEAR so go all out with specialty chocolate this Valentine’s Day. You won’t regret it (and maybe she’ll share).
  • Spa & Relaxation Gifts

    • Candles, candles, and more candles. I can never have enough candles and I have never met a girl who disagrees (don’t @ me if you do, you’re in denial). Treat her to an at-home spa evening where she can light her (surely new favorite) candle, soak in a soothing hot bath, apply a feel-good cleansing face mask, and enjoy a glass of her favorite champagne. 
  • Champagne Treats

    • Speaking of champagne, is there anything more romantic than popping a bottle of bubbly and toasting to your love? (Nauseating, I know). Champagne is a Valentine’s Day staple and you can’t go wrong with leveling up with mimosa cubes and champagne-inspired candies. If you are looking for those extra brownie points then you will also consider having a beautiful champagne glass custom-etched with her name!
  • Gifts & Trinkets

    • If you’re considering something tangible with good utility that is useful year round then some of these ideas will work for you. Gifts with “be mine” adorned on them are on theme but are not useful in the long run. Go with a pretty jewelry dish or chic water bottle that she will remember and use on the daily!
  • Coffee, Mugs, and Breakfast in Bed

    • Breakfast in bed is as cliche as it gets folks. Even if you don’t physically have breakfast IN bed, having breakfast at all is pretty clutch. Reach for her favorite mug, brew some really nice specialty coffee, and pop some boxed muffins in the oven (and hey, if you can do more than boxed muffins then you go for it). Bonus points if she gets to sleep in, no one said you had to celebrate Valentine’s Day at night!

Hopefully this helps take some of the stress out of shopping for your Valentine or Galentine this year. What other ideas do you have to speak their love language? I’d love to hear from you!

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