How to Give the Perfect Gift

I love the feeling of giving someone the perfect gift. Do you know the feeling? That warm fuzzy feeling that creeps into your heart when you see the delight on a person’s face when they open what you know to be, a gift they will absolutely love. Sometimes that perfect gift is the gift itself and sometimes it is even just the surprise of receiving a well-thought out, beautifully designed gift. You’re probably wondering where to begin with choosing the perfect gift, which trust me, I’ve been there. Sometimes we get gifters block or we want to do something for someone and we don’t know where to start. Fear not, gift givers! I have come up with the top 4 questions you should ask yourself when choosing a gift to help you gift with intention and heart!

  1. What is the purpose of the gift?
  • Let’s be real, sometimes gifting can feel like an obligation. Holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations occur every year and sometimes we can get a bit of gift fatigue. Narrowing down the purpose of your gift, whether it be birthdays, celebrations, or simply “just because” can help you narrow down your focus when choosing the best gift. If you can cross off certain items that don’t align with your purpose, you will have more success in choosing the best fit for your gift. You typically wouldn’t choose to give a Christmas ornament for someone with a July birthday.
  • What kind of utility do you want the gift to provide?
    • When choosing a gift, it is important to think about how that gift is going to be used. You can include things to be consumed like delicious treats and snacks or items with a longer, more practical utility. Gifts such as candles, mugs, kitchen accessories, and other trinkets can hold sentimental value and serve a practical purpose. 
  • What is the gift’s intended message?
    • Each gift we give tells a story. The items we choose to give and the memories we create around gifting are the stories that last far beyond the products we give as gifts. When we talk about the gift’s message we are talking about the story you want to tell and the feelings you want to evoke with your gift. Gifts can be given to express gratitude, appreciation, or congratulations. Gifts can also extend sympathy or wellness regards. You can also give gifts to demonstrate professionalism or establish a relationship or partnership. The intention behind your gift is what you want the recipient to feel when they open it. 
  • How well do you know your recipient?
    • When we know a person really well we are able to narrow down the scope of gifting options because we know exactly what they like and what they will use or enjoy. If you know your recipient well, then you will have no problem finding things they will enjoy! In scenarios where you are not sure what a person enjoys or may use, it can be difficult to plan a gift. Generally, there are several gift options that you can utilize that most people will find pleasure in enjoying. Here are some tips for gifting to someone new to you:
      • Steer clear of strong scents and fragrances especially in personal care products. 
      • Choose neutral colors
      • Select items with high utility such as water bottles, mugs, glasses, and trinkets
      • When picking out something tasty, go with the obvious: Chocolate and Vanilla (and even sometimes Caramel!)
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