How I Chose Our Business Name

Gift giving is all about telling a story with the items we give and the moments we create. We don’t often think about what we received each Christmas but we can easily recount the traditions and the memories with our loved ones. I knew that when I was choosing a name for our business that I wanted the name to tell a story. I want Clover & Spruce Gift Co. to be more than just a gift service. I want our business to be an experience and to tell a story. I want our clients to feel connected to our story, our journey, and the gift giving experience and that all starts with how I chose our business name.

When it comes down to it, I am the mom, teacher, designer, curator, manager, founder, and life behind our business. I am also married, which means that by proxy I share everything with Dave. And by share, I mean I tell him everything and I include him even if he finds it less than interesting. Dave is a great listener, the perfect sounding board to bounce ideas off of, diplomatic, and critically supportive of all my wild ideas so it is really only fitting that I call this business ours.

Naming a business is like getting a tattoo. There are stories behind every tattoo and they are there to make a lasting impact about who you are and what is important to you. Even if you get a tattoo because it looked cute, was trendy, or because you simply liked it- that still tells a story about who you are. I chose Clover and Spruce for a few reasons. Some reasons were obvious and then others were realized as I started to develop our brand. I actually had originally gotten attached to the name Evergreen because, well, green is my favorite color and because evergreens are timeless. The biggest challenge with naming a business though is the existence of the name in the market. Evergreen is a popular name in both similar and dissimilar markets and generally too broad for what I was trying to achieve.

So- I dug a little deeper and tried to tap more into my roots. I wanted my business name to be cute, distinguished, and elegant. It wasn’t until I thought about what I wanted my business to embody and represent that it came to me. Timeless was an idea I knew I wanted our brand to encompass so I selected Spruce - a tree in the evergreen family. I didn’t just want Spruce to be a cute focal point or representative of something timeless but I also wanted it to reflect us and since this isn’t just the Amanda Graves show, I wanted to choose something that reminded me of Dave.

He is going to laugh when he reads about this connection I’ve made because he definitely thinks I chose the name because I liked it and it was cute. Alas, I am always trying to carve out meaning in the things I do so here we go. I like to think that Dave is the Spruce to my Clover. He is timeless (despite his greys). He is rooted in good values, strong, and never wavers in his love for what is most important in life. He provides our family and our business with practical solutions to problems, stability, logic, reason, and generally slows us down from the chaos of life (even if it means making us late).

Clover is a little bit more reflective of me and where I come from. If you have gleaned anything about me then you know that I have been a lifelong enthusiast of all things green so it only makes sense that I chose something in that color family. Speaking of family, the clover is near and dear to that part of my life as well. Family is so incredibly important to me- including the one I grew up in and the one we have curated through friendships. My family is truly one-of-a-kind. They are warm, welcoming, and modestly wacky. We are also majorly Irish and embrace that fact with every opportunity and the clover is the perfect representation of that.

Choosing a business name is a daunting task when you’re just getting started. There is so much more to you, your brand, and your business than a name. You are your business and you should show off who you are in everything that you do. When you choose to do business with Clover & Spruce you are not just getting or giving a beautiful gift from a business with a unique name and pretty brand. You are getting us and giving warm and fuzzy feelings of family, friendship, and tradition. We can’t wait to see the stories you help us to create.

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