Engagement Season Gift Guide

Even if we weren’t in the throes of a global pandemic, I probably still wouldn’t be inclined to attend too many engagement parties. All of my closest, nearest and dearest besties live at minimum, 500 miles away or more. Despite the distance, we maintain our closeness and I still want to celebrate their big wins and celebrations. When my best friend Dee got engaged (which we’re talking about forever and a day ago now), I put together a super fun engagement gift to celebrate! I am going to channel that inspiration with some new, on trend gift designs and ideas to bring you an engagement season gift guide to celebrate the recently engaged in your life!

According to The Knot, 37% of proposals occur between November and February and if you’re paying attention, that hits pretty much every major holiday including Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day. We can talk more about how I feel about the cliche of holiday proposals later (my own husband proposed in December). For now, I want to roll out this engagement season gift guide to help you celebrate your friends near and far. Whether you want to go all out with a lavish gift for two or send a sweet little congratulations to your bestie, these ideas can be mixed and matched to create something special just for them!

  • Personalized Champagne Flutes
    • It is time to celebrate! There is no better way (in my opinion) than by popping a bottle of champagne and toasting the happy couple. Personalized champagne glasses are a great way to celebrate their new titles. You can go the Mr. & Mrs. route or with a traditional Bride & Groom customization. If you don’t think they’re into the labels you can also personalize them with their name! 
  • Ring Dishes or Cones
    • Help the new couple keep their bling safe and secure with a ring dish or ring cone. Ring dishes for men can not be emphasized enough. I think nearly every friend I have has had their husband have a ring mishap. My own dropped his down one of our air vents and I had to reach into the bowels of my house with tongs to retrieve it. Get one for the nightstand and one for every sink in the house! Definitely a must have for engagement gifts. 
  • Celebratory Sweets
    • There is no shortage of celebratory themed sweets. Toss in a favorite candy or chocolate because a couple planning their wedding is going to need something to reach for when things get tense. Some champagne themed treats or specialty chocolate and popcorn goes a long way in diffusing problems and taming some wedding planning stress. 
  • Vow Notebooks & Pens
    • The perfect accessories to jot down ideas, inspiration, and love notes are a set of vow notebooks. These are great if you’re trying to give a couple’s gift. This was a detail I overlooked when planning my wedding since we used “canned” vows in our ceremony but I think they would have been super sweet to do for our cards we wrote to each other. A special place to write down vows and other special moments throughout the planning process will make a wonderful, cherished memory for years to come. 
  • Relaxation Goodies
    • Let’s be real. Wedding planning is stressful. There are a lot of details and even if you hire a wedding planner you are still going to have some underlying anxiety about the big day. If you’re a control freak like yours truly, relaxation treats are a great reminder to take a step back, take care of yourself, and remember why you are doing all of this in the first place. Run a hot bath, apply your favorite face mask, light a candle, and settle in to enjoy the process. 
  • Jewelry Cleaner
    • All that new bling needs to be tended to properly! A small tub of jewelry cleaner goes a LONG way and is perfect for keeping those rocks nice and sparkly. If you are into DIY you can even make your own solution and craft it in a special way to go with the theme and design of your gift.
  • Magazines & Inspiration
    • The internet can be a pretty overwhelming place to start planning your wedding. There is an abundance of resources and images and articles all about how to plan your big day. I really like tossing in a current magazine or other inspiration in an engagement gift because it is fun to casually leaf through a hard copy of inspiration. 
  • Booze (or booze themed treats)
    • Alright so if you are celebrating from afar it is certainly fun to virtually pop the bubbly and drink up in celebration. However, shipping alcohol and laws about alcohol sales can be tricky. If you are celebrating in person or locally you can certainly pick out a favorite wine, whiskey, or champagne to give to the newly engaged couple. If not, there are a multitude of clever booze-themed treats that make an excellent substitute or addition to a cocktail when shipping alcohol is out of the question. Some great booze-inspired add-ons include mimosa sugar cubes, mini cocktail kits, and specialty drink mixers.

With engagement season in full swing, it is inevitable that someone you know is popping the question and embarking on a new, exciting chapter in their life. Check out the Build-A-Gift online design studio for engagement gift inspiration and to see our inventory of engagement and wedding goodies we keep stocked in the shop! You can also peruse our curated engagement gift boxes to see how we have put things together to make gifting the happy couple in your life that much easier!

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