Branded Gifts that Don’t Suck: 5 Ways to Brand your client gifts without overdoing it

So you want branded swag...

When it comes to branded client gifts less is actually more. I know it can be tempting to slap your beautiful logo all over everything that you can possibly brand or screen print but I want you to take a step back and really think about how you want to market your brand and the goals you want to achieve with your marketing materials. If your goal is to boost client referrals, increase client retention or enhance your overall client experience then you have to really consider the purpose you want each product in your gift to have. The last thing you want is to brand everything you can and have your client’s thinking “wow this is a really nice product, too bad it has this logo all over it.” Guess where that product is going: the trash. Even if we love a brand there are some things we just would rather have unbranded. 

Gifts they will use, remember, and talk about

Your clients are so much more likely to use, remember, and talk about a gift that while unbranded is really more special, meaningful, and useful than it would be if your logo was all over it. Let’s take a closing gift, for example. You include marketing materials and branded swag in your current closing gifts such as drink coasters in the hopes that your client is going to display these in their new home and maybe their friends will make a note of the realtor they used while attending their housewarming. This is super unlikely. When was the last time you heard someone say “what a nice coaster with that random colored logo on it, really compliments your decor”? Most likely never. Instead, if you were to source handmade wooden coasters from a local artisan to accompany some consumables like coffee or speciality olive oil your clients will be much more likely to use, remember, and talk about that gift to others. The gift becomes a conversation piece in their home rather than a piece of trash they will not use or ever see again.

Branded Gifts that Work

Adding your custom logo to products can also be expensive. I have a few ways that you can brand your client gifts without overdoing it and while saving money on the customization of individual products. Some of the ways you can brand your client gifts include:

  1. Custom printed gift tag
  2. Themed packaging to include brand colors (such as ribbon color and crinkle color)
  3. Notecards (especially handwritten), business cards, and promotional inserts or marketing materials
  4. Themed products in your brands colors and products aligned with your business
  5. Logo personalized packaging including shipping tape, logo ribbon, or logo stamped tissue paper

Whether your recipients are clients, employees, or engaged couples, they will be excited to receive a branded gift from you when you execute your marketing in thoughtful, meaningful, and useful ways. How are you going to brand your next client gift?

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