5 Wedding Details You Can Totally DIY

I loved planning our wedding. Being a detail-oriented micro manager on a budget meant that hiring a wedding planning was out of the question and I was more than happy to tackle the big checklists for myself. Now, let me preface this by saying that I had time. We got engaged in December 2016 and married in June 2018 so there was plenty of time to plan and execute every last detail without feeling overwhelmed. Time is the most critical component of DIY so if you’re lacking in that department, consider the value of the project and either omit it or outsource the heavy lifting to a wedding professional. Your day will be perfect if you DIY or don’t- your happiness and sanity are paramount. If you’re not sure whether or not DIY, ask yourself these questions.

If you are looking to trim the fat of your wedding budget and tackle some of the details yourself, I have compiled a list of things that I DIYed for my own wedding. I enjoy crafting and templates so I was able to pull together quite a few details myself and here is the scoop on how you can too:

  • Placecards
    • My wedding theme was weird. I love wine, and my husband loves the Mets. I went with a color scheme that was reflective of the Mets (Navy and Orange) and I had little wine elements throughout the rest as well as my favorite design element: the dahlia. One of the wine elements were these awesome placecard holders I found on Etsy. They had our names and wedding date printed on them and are just so dang cute. There was no way I could DIY the holders BUT I was able to easily get placecards to fit inside them. Placecards are more or less the exact same size as a standard business card so I ordered a set of cardstock, printable, perforated business cards and used their online template to whip them up and send them right to my at-home printer. There are so many design options for these templates. If I knew then what I know now about Canva, fonts, and general graphic design they probably would have been way fancier. Overall, they came out beautiful just the way I designed them. I chose to use a specialty stamp and hand stamped them myself to go with my theme but I have also used the templates for our favors and they come out really great. See more on that below!
  • Menus
    • A lot of wedding venues will provide your guests with menus. Even though my guests chose their entree ahead of time I thought that having a menu at their seat was a nice touch, especially since they didn’t know what else was coming their way in terms of appetizers and desserts. Being that I wanted my menus to match my other stationery, I chose to have them printed myself. I designed every piece of stationery for my wedding in Google Docs, I have a chromebook and it’s all I have to work with. The venue told me they do a special napkin fold for menus that are about 5x7 so I got to work in my docs. I turned the page landscape and created two columns, centered my text, chose my fonts, and typed out what we were having. I did some light research on wording for the heading and such but otherwise it was super straightforward and simple. I hand stamped the menus too but adding a cute graphic or colorful design is simple with clipart. You can also choose to print it on specialty paper. 
  • Programs/Itineraries
    • We got married in a Catholic church and another small detail I wanted to include was a program. Don’t laugh but I love getting a program at church so that I can see how far we have to go until the end (I know, I know). I also went above and beyond to create welcome bags for our out of town guests who stayed at the hotel we arranged. Inside those bags I included an itinerary and some of our favorite local places to eat and things to do. I used the same template for the programs as I did the itinerary. I designed them along the same way I did the menus except this time I chose to leave the page in portrait format. 
  • Favors
    • Favors really are an unnecessary evil and one of the most common things that brides feel like they can DIY for their wedding. They’re small, they should be easy, right? Right! I got in over my head with my own favors but in the end I was so happy with the result and I am so happy I had great friends to help me craft. I made DIY wine cork coasters for my wedding. I wrapped them in a blue satin ribbon and a gift tag that I designed with an online template and perforated printable tags. One of my girlfriends’ themes was love birds so they made homemade bird seed ornaments in heart shaped molds. My husband’s friend made their own labels for mini bottles of wine for each guest (because that is what we needed after an open bar). For my bridal shower, in lieu of favors the girls made a donation to a local charity and simply included the information at everyone’s place setting. Favors don’t have to be complicated or expensive and you can definitely DIY a favor that is aligned with your theme or values. 
  • Gifts
    • Okay, I know what you’re thinking. I own a gift business and I am telling you to make your own gifts. Hear me out. I am telling you that you CAN totally DIY all the gifts for your wedding. Proposal gifts, bridesmaids gifts, groomsmens gifts, parent gifts, hotel welcome gifts, and more, you can totally do them. Sourcing, curating, and designing the gifts for my wedding was my FAVORITE part. If you enjoy that sort of thing then go for it! It is a lot of work but you know your people the BEST. I am also here to tell you that you will have just as much fun consulting a gifting enthusiast (such as myself) who can do all the heavy lifting for you and deliver gift proposals you will be equally as excited about. Check out our numerous gift guides for all the types of wedding gifts upcoming on the blog for your DIY gifting inspo!

What do you think? Are you ready to tackle some wedding DIY with these thrifty ideas? Let me know any of your other DIY wedding inspirations in the comments!

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